Broken Tooth

Options For Repairing A Broken Tooth

A broken tooth is not attraction and can immediately affect your smile, in addition to which, it can also cause a great deal of tooth pain. Fortunately, there is help available. There are several dental procedures available for repairing a broken tooth. Many can be completed in one visit, while others may require several follow up visits.

Call our dental office today to schedule an emergency dental appointment to fix your broken tooth.

Broken Tooth X-Ray

What Are the Most Common Causes of Broken Teeth?

Broken teeth can happen from a number of different causes. Besides the obvious accidents, such as a sports injury or an auto accident, broken teeth can also be due to more subtle reasons. Bruxism or teeth grinding, biting on hard objects such as ice or nuts, fighting, brittleness from a root canal treatment, tooth decay, a cracked tooth, a broken dental crown and other stresses on a tooth can all cause this particular type of damage.

Unfortunately, due to all the different causes, each broken tooth must be evaluated to determine the best possible treatment. If possible, our dentist will try to save your natural tooth, but if there is extensive damage to the tooth, root, gum, and jaw, this may not be possible.

What Treatment Options Exist for a Broken Tooth?

It is important to see your dentist as soon as possible when you break a tooth. Otherwise, it will only get worse. There are a number of different treatments available for broken teeth.

If the break in the tooth only affected the enamel, or the outer part of the tooth, a cosmetic filling may be able to repair the damage. If the tooth is in the front of your mouth, your dentist will more than likely use a tooth colored tooth filling. A more serious break would involve the enamel and the dentin, or the inner layer of the tooth. This may be repaired in some cases with a filling, but will more than likely require a dental crown. The crown will be bonded to the remaining part of the tooth with a special dental bonding agent.

The most serious of all broken teeth involve damage to the nerves. Many times a root canal is needed to remove the damaged blood vessels and nerves. Once the root canal if finished, a crown can be placed. In extreme cases, periodontal surgery may be required before the crown is placed. Should the fracture occur below the gum line, periodontal surgery can be used to remove bone to create enough room to place the crown properly over the root.

Emergency Services for Broken Teeth

At Midtown Dental, we reserve several appointments each day for dental emergencies, including broken teeth. It is important that you are free from the pain of a broken tooth. You won’t have to wait days to get into see the dentist and in some cases, our dentists may fix your tooth the same day.

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