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Welcome Back to Life!

"There are plenty of dentists who do implants, but Dr. Nerestant is the only one I wanted to go to. Now I have had every tooth replaced with an implant and I love it. Implants look more natural, they feel natural, and I can eat whatever I want."
- Lamar

Welcome Back to Dentistry!

“I was nervous about dental care, and no one really did anything to help me with that. When Dr. Nerestant said that he could help me with sedation, it was such a relief! ”
- Sue

Welcome Back to Health!

“Our hygienist does such a thorough, thorough job that it just feels like your mouth is so much cleaner! It’s hard to explain, but wow!”
- Janice

Welcome Back to Confidence!

“When I looked in the mirror, I thought the gaps looked abnormal. I was like, ‘Whoa, that could be better!’ When I finally decided -  took a leap of faith - there was nobody else in town that I would rather have place my veneers.”
- Sylvester

Finding a dentist with the right experience and expertise who understands your needs can be a challenge. You need a professional you can trust who is close to home for effective, efficient treatment to compliment both your smile and budget. Dr. Nerestant and the Midtown Dental team make the choice easy.

With a variety of dentistry services available in one location, Midtown Dental always offers patients quality care designed with your smile goals in mind. We know comfort is key. Our team works hard to ensure you’re at ease to feel at home before, during, and after any treatment. We believe in the power of explanation, conversation, and education to ensure you receive the level of dental care you deserve from a talented team you can count on. Make an appointment today to restore and enhance your look for improved health and wellness that shines.

My teeth weren’t great, and I had trouble eating. I couldn’t eat apples – I had to cut them up into tiny pieces – and I couldn’t eat corn on the cob. Dr. Slater put in a bridge, and now I feel a lot more confident. Everything is a little bit more convenient too! Best of all, I can eat more of the things I like!