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Lakeland Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth whitening is another simple and effective method to clear away years of ugly, built up stains and make your teeth brighter, fresher, and more attractive looking than ever.

Our in-office whitening methods can brighten your smile up to ten shades in one hour. Imagine! Some people experience a total transformation over their lunch break! Just sit back in one of our massage chairs, snuggle in a blanket and drift off while your smile reaches its full potential.

The take-home whitening kits we offer are so much more effective and safe than the over-the-counter whitening strips you always see at the drugstore. Our whitening trays are custom created from molds of your teeth so they fit perfectly, feel great, and make ideal contact with your teeth. Simply fill the trays with our prescription-strength gel, and your teeth will be brighter in no time! Whiten on your commute to or from work, while watching a movie, or at night before bed. It’s that easy.