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Partial Dentures from Midtown Dental

Lakeland’s Solution for Missing Teeth


When you’re missing a few teeth and your remaining teeth are still in good health, partial dentures could be an excellent replacement option. Partials function ideally at filling the gaps in your smile so that you’re able to smile, eat, and laugh again with complete ease.

How Do Partial Dentures Work?

Dr. William Nerestant and the Midtown Dental team are pleased to offer partials to Lakeland patients as a way to restore and transform their smiles for a look that’s natural and complete.

When trying to understand how partial dentures work, think of a traditional orthodontic retainer. As it turns out, the two are extremely similar in function. Typically, removable partial dentures contain replacement teeth and an acrylic base that are both customized for your comfort and to naturally fit your appearance. The acrylic base may also contain metal wiring. A tailored fit for your partial is important to ensure it firmly locks in place.. The good news: you’ll never need to use messy adhesives!

How Will Partial Dentures Impact My Smile?

Remember what it was like learning how to ride a bike? It seemed difficult or a little strange at first, but once you got the hang of it — it was smooth sailing. The same can be said for securing your partial in place. It may take a week or two, to become more comfortable but you will definitely get used to it. Always make sure to gently remove or put your partial back in place gently to avoid possible damage to the prosthetic itself or your surrounding teeth. It’s important to take a break from wearing your partial denture at some point during a 24-hour period. We tell many patients to remove their partials in the evening before bed and wear it again in the morning. If you ever feel discomfort or soreness, it’s important to call our office right away so we can make any necessary adjustments for you. We want your smile to feel great and look its very best.

Are Partials Easy to Care for?

Partial dentures are no different than other dentures or your natural teeth. They require routine care to ensure they’re efficient and effective. Make sure you:

  • Remove your partial daily and wash off debris
  • Brush the surface gently with denture cleaner or liquid dish soap
  • When you’re not wearing your partial, store it in water or a denture soaking solution that’s secure from small children or pets
  • Don’t forget to brush your natural teeth twice a day and floss them once
  • Teeth near your partial should get extra cleaning care

If you have any questions about how to care for your partial or if you ever experience any issues, please never hesitate to call our office. We want your smile to feel comfortable and look fantastic — always!


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