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added on: November 18, 2015
General & Preventive Dentistry

In ’06 I got into a pretty bad car accident and my jaw was dislocated. I had to have surgery on my jaw and through the process of that, my mouth would lock for up to two weeks at a time. I couldn’t really practice good dental health. I’d try my best, but, if you can’t eat, you certainly can’t floss. For three years I didn’t even try to go to the dentist. It was too much. After I was finished with therapy from the surgery, I started to take care of the dental work.

I went through quite a few different dentists before I found Dr. Nerestant. I had gotten so frustrated with the search for a dentist.  I didn’t even want to deal with it. I definitely wouldn’t be as far as I am today, if it weren’t for Dr. Nerestant and his team. Their understanding helped me get through it. They gave me back my confidence and a better quality of life. Now I have a gorgeous smile, and when I have a bad day, my smile helps me push past the pain. I’m not going to any other dentist ever for the rest of my life!

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