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added on: November 18, 2015
Cosmetic Dentistry

The worst thing about not feeling good about your smile is that a lack of confidence which affects every aspect of your life, professional and otherwise. As a liaison between sales and operations, I was reluctant to be that out-front person; I never liked to do presentations. I tried to avoid doing that part of the job in person as much as possible. Instead, I did it on the phone.

Once my children grew up, they started to encourage me to have the work done. I’m so happy I did! To improve your health, you have to improve your oral health. I received the best teeth cleaning I ever had from Melody at Midtown dental. This is the best way to improve your oral health. But even if the work is strictly cosmetic, that’s important too. It helps your psyche and just makes you feel better about yourself. Before this work, I never would have smiled or looked as happy in pictures as I do today. If you are thinking about having work done, don’t hesitate! Never hesitate when it comes to investing in yourself.

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