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added on: November 18, 2015

I lost my front teeth as a child and wore the same bridge for about 30 years. It was wearing out and affecting how I felt about my smile. I would smile with my lips closed all the time. When my old bridge finally got loose, I called Midtown Dental and said, “I need to see you today.” They got me in right then! Facing this procedure was kind of nerve-racking. It’s your front teeth, the first thing people see about you! But the whole team was very friendly and calming and Dr. Slater is a very gentle, kind person. Having this work done has been a tremendous boost to my confidence. In fact, I decided I was going to change jobs and I was actually offered two! My husband and I have kind of joked about how my smile gave me an edge. My husband met me after work the other night and as I walked up the sidewalk toward him, I smiled and he said, “Wow! Your smile looks so great!”  He was several feet away, so it must look good!

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